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Back Pain While Running?

Back Pain While Running? Hi, I’m Dr. Molly with Your Goals Physical Therapy. Do you love running but you’re worried about the back pain that

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5 Tips To Stop Back Pain

This is a wonderful fun week where we get to meet with our families and enjoy some time off. The weather has come in for us, it’s a little chilly. It’s kind of nice and crisp outside, makes it feel like fall so we can really get into the spirit.

I know that lots of people have different traditions on Thanksgiving, but for my family, we end up meeting to do the Turkey trot in Houston. After the run, we all go to the respective homes, we shower and get all nice, then we meet up at the main house to talk and play games and basically hang out all day and eat!  

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Dr. Molly McDonald, PT, DPT, LMT

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