Cash Based Physical Therapy Services in Cypress, TX

Are you an active athletic adult seeking to end your aches and pains? Want full, personalized attention to your issues? Look no further! Our cash-based approach to physical therapy is precisely what you need.

At Your Goals Physical Therapy, we help active adults end their aches and pain so they can reclaim their favorite recreational activities and live life to the fullest — without medication, injections or surgery.

As part of this goal, our PT Molly McDonald doesn’t take insurance and instead values a cash-based system. “Why”, you might ask? So YOU can be treated to the fullest. 

While it may seem like a setback in money, many of our patients have found the extra cost is worth it. They’ve told us they’ve found success at Your Goals PT where they haven’t at insurance-based clinics. Read on to find out why:

Out of Pocket Physical Therapists vs. Insurance-Based PT

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Cash-based physical therapy is a payment model where patients pay for services out of pocket, without relying on insurance coverage. This allows for more flexibility in the types of services provided and the treatment approach used,  as it is not bound by the limitations set by insurance companies. 

With that said, most providers allow us to offer you a superbill. This document helps you claim any out-of-network benefits you may have.

Cash-based PT is also known as “out-of-network” or “out-of-pocket”.

Traditional physical therapy clinics often operate within the constraints of insurance companies.

Due to these constraints set by insurance companies many of these physical therapy clinics have become known as “PT mills”. They tend to focus on high patient volume and quick turnover. This can lead to a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, with less emphasis on personalized care and expertise.

Qualifications and Specialization

Cash-based physical therapists often have advanced training and certifications in specialized areas of physical therapy. This expertise allows them to provide a higher level of care.


Experienced therapists have a deeper understanding of the complexities of injuries and the human body, allowing them to provide more effective treatment. This could lead to faster recovery times and better long-term outcomes for patients.

The Pros and Cons of Insurance

Choosing a cash-based physical therapy clinic may be a great alternative, but it’s important to consider the pros and cons of insurance as well.

While insurance may seem like the obvious choice due to its convenience, there are also drawbacks to clinics that accept insurance.

1. Insurance Seems the Obvious Choice because It’s Convenient

The big advantage of insurance-based physical therapy is convenience. With insurance, the clinic will submit claims directly to your insurance company and you may only need to pay a small copay** or deductible. Insurance also typically provides a wider range of options for PTs because many providers accept insurance plans.

**I would encourage you to check your benefit, some copays can be as low as $20 for each session. However, for many insurance policies, clients are expected to fulfill their deductible prior to their copay going into effect, and some have $50-$100 copays.

1. Limited Control

You have limited control over your treatment. Insurance companies dictate the number of sessions you can attend, specific treatments that are covered, and when clients have to stop treatment. Which frequently leave clients out of pain, but not able to return to their favorite activities. 

2. Longer Wait Times

Insurance-based physical therapy can also lead to longer wait times for appointments.

Clinics that accept insurance often have a higher caseload. This may mean you have to wait longer for each session or struggle to secure convenient appointment times.

3. More Red Tape

Insurance companies may require pre-authorization for certain treatments or an extensive documentation process to prove medical necessity.

These additional administrative requirements can prolong the time it takes to start or cause interruption during your care – and delay your recovery.

Personalized Care for Active, Athletic Adults

Dr. Molly McDonald staying active with a punching bag
One of the ways our PT Dr. Molly herself keeps active!

Active, athletic adults often have specific goals and needs related to their physical performance. Whether they are runners, weightlifters, or hikers, they require a treatment approach that takes into account their active lifestyle and the demands it places on their bodies.

Cash-based physical therapy allows for a more personalized approach that can address the specific athletic goals and needs of active adults. This may include specialized exercises, manual therapy, and targeted treatment plans to help them recover from injuries and improve their performance.

The big difference: under a cash practice, we don’t have to discharge you until YOU are fully confident that you have reached your goals.

Across both patient feedback and online comments we’ve seen, active adults find that traditional (insurance-based) physical therapy clinics do not fully understand or address their needs.

Their standardized treatment plans do not effectively target the specific issues that arise from an active lifestyle, i.e. they are discharged from physical therapy before they feel confident they can return to their active lifestyle without re-injuring themselves.

Finding the Right Cash-Based Physical Therapy Near Me

Image of UFit Health
We are located inside the UFIT Health Gym in Cypress, Texas, 77429, west of SH 249

Look for a therapist who has experience working with active, athletic adults and who takes the time to understand your specific goals and needs.

Better communication when choosing a cash-based PT clinic

Choosing a local cash-based PT clinic can also allow for better communication and collaboration between the PT and you.

Cash-based physical therapy offers active, athletic adults the opportunity to get personalized care and expertise you may not find in traditional PT mills.

All of these ultimately lead to better outcomes for those who prioritize their health and performance.

By now you should understand the benefits of cash-based PT over traditional insurance-based clinics.

In addition to having the ability to personalize your service we can personalize your payment plan, from pay-as-you-go, to package deals, to easy monthly payment plans.

We have 3 ways to pay (we accept: FSA, HSA, all major credit cards, check and cash):

  • Pay-as-you-go: At each session you would pay a flat rate for each session.
  • Packages: We have created several package options that allow clients to receive a discount for paying upfront for their sessions. 
  • Payment plans: Some people prefer to have a set monthly payment, we can create a personalized monthly payment plan depending on the clients specific needs.
Ready to get started? Choose from 3 options:

1. Book a free discovery session with our PT Dr. Molly, come meet her, discuss your concern with her, make sure she is the right fit for you before you commit to an evaluation or treatment.

2. You can also request cost and availability information to be better prepared for your initial Evaluation.

3. If you’re unsure or still have questions, request a phone call to talk to our PT Dr. Molly. Set 20 minutes aside for all scheduled calls to ensure she is able to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have about your specific situation, with no obligation to buy or schedule an evaluation.


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