Running Pain Treatment

40 + Year Old Runners Need To Know This Information

Do you love running but a joint (or muscle) pain is preventing you from running?

Running is an amazingly fun activity! Unfortunately it’s also deceptively difficult to do. 

Many of us start running because it requires minimal equipment and it doesn’t take long to feel like you worked out. 

Some start running in grade school and keep running because they love the “runners high” or the way it feels to set a new personal record. 

Those are just two of the hundreds of reasons I’ve heard that gets people to run and keeps them running. 

Sadly, I’m normally hearing about their love of running after they were forced to stop due to an injury. 

The truth is running takes a lot of strength, endurance, and technique to do it without injuring yourself. (did you just add “especially at my age” to the end of that sentence?) 

Yes, 20 year olds do have youthful healing on their side; however, a 60 year old that trains smartly can give that 20 year a run for their money. 

No matter your age, the factors that determine the risk of injury and the recovery from an injury are the same: Strength, flexibility  and running form.   

You can certainly stack the deck in your favor by adding good nutrition, staying hydrated and wearing well fitting supportive shoes. 

Because running is not easy, it is very easy to develop muscle or joint pain that at first you ignore (sometimes for months) until you can’t push past the pain any longer. 

Are you wondering why….

👉  You have foot pain while you run? 

👉 Your knee hurts or swells while running? 

👉 What could be annoying your lower back while you run? (no matter the incline? )

👉 How to stop your ITBand issue from ever coming back? (without having weekly massages? )

👉What do I have to do to prevent X pain from returning? 

If you don’t want to stop running and/or if you don’t want to go to the Orthopedic Doctor just to be told to stop running, take this shot or worse you need surgery, then this offer is perfect for you. 

Dr. Molly created this 30 min “Running Form screening” with you in mind. She has seen so many runners put off seeing a professional until there very few options left. Without question the earlier you see someone about joint (muscle) pain or stiffness while running the quicker the recovery. If you’re pushing passed an annoying or down right uncomfortable pain while you’re running we strongly suggested signing up for this screening to get you back to running without worry or limitation!

Have you been training for months to improve your distance or your speed, but you’re still unable to run at the level you want?

Running is addictive! Especially, once you start to see progress in your running ability. For instance, when I started running at 25 years old I remember feeling like I could never catch my breath as I tried to run for a whopping 30 sec at a time. I distinctly remember the first time I ran for a full 30 minutes without stopping I was very excited and very nauseated, haha. 

Fast forward 6 months later…I really wanted to run a 10K, but no matter how hard I tried  I couldn’t break 4 miles in a single run. I also could only get to 4 miles once a week, no matter how much I pushed, I was simply couldn’t run any farther.

Now I’ve run more than one 10K without any issues, at an even faster pace than I could’ve imagined. 

This is what sparked my love to help other runners achieve their goals. 

Running is not a simple activity. It takes a lot of strength (not just leg strength either), joint flexibility, and proper form. 

Most running programs discuss how to slowly increase running from 30 sec to 30 minutes, they vaguely discuss the importance of a strengthening and stretching program. However, most completely neglect how to run. 

For many runners that are trying to run faster or run longer if you address one of these 3 things you will achieve your goals.

🏃‍♀️ What is good running form? 

🏃‍♀️ How do you conserve energy while running? 

🏃‍♀️ How do you reduce the impact of landing while running? 

Are you frustrated because you simply can’t break the pace you’ve been stuck at for months or even years? 

Do you dream of running a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon BUT no matter how hard you train you simply can’t get to that distance?

 By signing up for this 30 min “Running Form Screening” Dr. Molly can help get you the answers that you need to start on the path to achieving your goals. After a short physical exam and watching you run for a few minutes, she will be able to identity the root cause of what’s preventing you from your goals. If you have been training hard but you still aren’t progressing towards your goals, sign up for this screening to take the guess work (and stress) out of your training to finally achieve your goals! 

Sign up for Your 30 min "Running Form Screening"

Weather you are just starting a running program or you are trying to break a plateau a “Running Form Screening” is a great way to find out how to achieve your goals. Simply click the button below, fill out the form and we will contact you to get you started. 

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