Edwinna E. overcame knee pain to get back to running.

Hi! I’m a 39-year-old runner who reached out to Dr Molly at Your Goals Physical Therapy with a nagging knee issue. We conferenced via PTEverywhere and she gave me several exercises to help alleviate my pain, AND when I couldn’t figure out the app she very patiently helped me through that too. Once I actually followed her plan for me (exercises and icing) my knee pain was gone and I could return to my normal exercising routine! She was very personable and explained the “why” of things to me which I found extremely helpful. I highly recommend her!!

Jennie B. overcame shoulder pain to get back to swing dancing!

Dr. Molly is extremely knowledgeable in many areas. I have had a great experience in my physical therapy journey with her. She has made sure to speak to me in terms I understand and connect to easily. Her ability to demonstrate and communicate clearly and effectively are crucial to me getting everything out of my time with her. She is using apps and technology as well to improve our ability to reach one another when I have important questions about how to do things. She is at the top of her game and I will go nowhere else. Great customer service!

Debra W. overcame foot pain to get back to working out without limits.

Dr. Molly McDonald is AWESOME!! I love working out and being active. I spend 4-5 days a week in the gym. Last year I started experiencing pain in my feet to the point I had to cut some of my workouts short could not run or jump. I had this before went to a doctor and he showed me a few stretches to relieve the pain. Nothing that really helped in the long run. My trainer recommended I see Dr. Molly. I liked with every session she explained the exercises and how they will help.You knew what you were doing and why. She listens to your concerns and answers your questions. The homework she gives is fun and you can use things you have at home. I started feeling improvements after a few sessions. The pain was decreasing and I was no longer having to cut my workout short. Now I can make it through the full workout with no pain and doing everything I couldn’t do before like jumping and running. If you are looking for Physical Therapy I highly recommend Dr. Molly.

Jennifer G. overcame right hip pain to get back to cycling without pain!

Dr Molly has uncovered the true source of my pain on multiple occasions. Each time she listens and works with me to find the right issue (turns out self-diagnosis isn’t always right!), then provides me with exercises to do on my own to address the problem. I always leave feeling like I understand my body better!

Stephanie C. overcame knee pain to get back to dancing.

I am a 68 year old female who lays tile and puts on roofs and helps folks learn about solar and address plumbing design issues. For fun I like to dance and walk. The short of it is that I am active and like it that way. So, when I injured my knee about 6 years ago I was not happy about having my activities include pain and restriction of activity. I complained and tried braces, muscle creams and restricted activity. Worse than all of these ineffective measures I was afraid that I would need surgery to fix what was wrong with my knee. I began looking for some other way to approach my problem. I wanted to be heard, I wanted the be taught how to work with my injury and I wanted to be certain that I could exhaust all possibilities before consenting to surgery, if, in fact, I needed surgery at all. And then, I came across My Goals Physical Therapy and Dr. Molly. In the matter of one session she had evaluated my knee and my walk and had me do a couple of exercises. The exercises helped immediately. I went home with a second appointment and a heart full of hope. After the second appointment I had several stretching and strengthening exercises for my knees and legs. After about 2 weeks my knee was strong enough to try a bit of dancing and my knee was not a constant complaint as I worked. The positive impact on both my body and my attitude has been wonderful. If I do not do the exercises daily and my knee gets tired or gets painful again – I am reminded to do my exercises and the pain recedes. When I do the exercises I am able to use my knee as I wish and they are pain free. No pills, no braces no creams, no worry about surgery. Thank you, 

Steve R overcame hip surgery and shoulder problems to get back to power lifting

I am 68 yrs. young and I have had two hip replacements (left hip in 2003 and right hip in Jan 2020) and Dr. Molly has done an outstanding job restoring my leg/hip strength levels to pre-2020 levels in less than a year. I am a competitive powerlifter and am back to deadlifting over 400 lbs. My goal is 500 lbs.+ in the next 1-1/2 to 2 yrs. (where I used to be in my 40’s with 2 good hips). She continues to be my PT 2x per week, increasing both strength and flexibility levels in both my hips and legs. This is in addition to my regular powerlifting and assistance workouts 5x per week. She has strengthened my left and right rotator cuff areas as I’ve had existing problems in both shoulders over the years. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal and rehab existing injuries as well as for post op. recovery.

Suzy R. overcame hand pain and weakness to get back to swimming!

A great success?!

​The back story of my saga …..

Car accident March 6, 2021. 
Injured left hand and broke fourth finger / Flayed left hip joint connective tissue
Sustained vestibular (balance) issues

Got X-rayed after severe swelling and pain, especially in left hand
Got cast on left hand and 3-fingers for 2 months
Ortho Sports MD said a “great success’ in bone healing 

I went to round 1 of PT and told it was horrible yet dismissed after ~ 6 or 7 sessions
Hand functioning impaired for holding objects, dexterity, and manipulating items
Continued pressure pain when swimming (favorite, routine exercise activity)

Went to round 2 PT after MRI and neurological exams (clear)
After about 6-8 sessions I had significant pain 
I was told to go home and come back when it did not hurt
That they had pushed me to my limit to see what I could tolerate

I did not want to go back as the direction made no sense to me and in fact, I got  worse, not better as of early 2022
I felt hopeless – that I would simply be impaired and ‘crippled’, unable to swim

That’s when I met Molly on recommendation of swimming friend
Immediately I connected with her explanations, attitude, and concern
It was clear she knew exactly what she was doing and that instilled hope
I received very focused and adapted exercises based on my needs and progress

Fast forward to April 2022
I had hoped to swim in the Gulf Masters swim meet April 2-3
Yet I was quite anxious able negotiating getting my suit on (very tight) and dealing with hand/arm/shoulder/neck
I felt better and better as the meet went on and was grateful to even be able to be there, have support, and participate

I was able to use the newly strong muscles and posture 
I ended up with 3 firsts and 1 second place
Better yet, the 3 firsts ended up being Zone Records in the 70-75 year old Women

I was thrilled and ecstatic and my progress in recovering my functioning
So it is off to Nationals April 28-May1 
A great success to be able to continue my active, healthy lifestyle and the sport I love

Thanks Molly

Enma S. overcame drop foot to get back to walking.

I visited Dr. Molly because I was diagnosed with drop foot. She helps me to practice with different exercises that quickly rehabilitated my foot movement and now I can walk very well and without the help of the brace. The exercise therapy she used was crucial to my recovery. Dr. Molly is very friendly and has a lot of knowledge in what she does, her service is excellent, and she is very attentive to my specific need. I am grateful to God and to Dr. Molly for my quick recovery.