I was so excited to be pregnant! I was a little older for my first baby  which meant I had lots of time to plan for all the life style changes that would inevitably come with this precious new life growing in my belly. I thought I had studied and prepared for any situation that would arrive.  I was wrong. I was completely unprepared for the frequent embarrassing potty runs and underwear changes that came soon after my son’s arrival.  


If you are want a laugh check out my video below. 

At a minimum I would pee on myself from a simple sneeze or cough. Occasionally I could add another underwear change if I stood up quickly especially if I was holding my son. I started to become very sensitive to many commercials for “sexy” absorbent underwear. Not that these products do not serve a very important purpose. But in my opinion I was (and am) to young to be considering trading my victory secret for  absorption protection. 
I immediately started to work on my pelvic floor and abdominal strength. I research any exercises, relaxation techniques, and lifting style that would help restore the strength of my pelvic floor. My goal was to start feel young and sexy again. I am happy to say I can run, jump rope and even play at a trampoline park with my son without fear or worry of a sudden potty run. 


If you are currently suffering from frequent trips to the restroom or embarrassing mishaps during  your favorite activities and you want to these types of outcomes click her to email Dr Molly or pick the option that best fits your needs.