It starts with just a sense that something is just not quite right with your knee then before you know it you want to outsource all your housework to avoid pain or that random popping. But what do you do when the  annoying knee discomfort has you wanting to outsource your runs or weekend dancing?

How to permanently avoid your nagging knee pain  


Have you ever said something similar to “My knees have been bad for years!”



You are not alone many many people feel exactly the same way. I’ve had several people tell me they are just waiting until a doctor will do a knee replacement.  Mean while they are missing out on shopping trips,  walking on the beach, and countless other activities.


But what if your knees were not really the problem? What if your ankle or hip was truly the instigator of all your discomfort? 


I know that sounds crazy but the knee only moves forward and backward making it pretty stable. Now compared that to the 360 degrees of motion at your hip and ankle.  Your knee is caught between two joints that can decide to go in two opposite directions resulting in uneven pulling. Over time that imbalance can cause pain. This is why strengthening and stretching your knee may not changes any of your symptoms. 


Are you curious what the fastest way to get back to shopping without friends, chasing your kids, or dancing the night away again? 



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