I woke up yesterday and I could feel the pain in my neck even while I was still laying on my pillow. It felt like I passed out and didn’t move all night long. I haven’t been about to look to the right in 2 days now. Can you help me? This was a patient I had just last week. 

The thing with neck pain is it limits everything. Looking at your computer and even typing  pulls on your neck. Forget about trying to drive. And why is it that if you run into your friends they always call you name causing your head jerks to the painful side? 

I have come up with 3 simple tips to ease your neck pain….

3 Simple Tips To Ease Your Neck Pain

Move as naturally as possible.

I know your first response is to want to hold everything still but really that just makes it worse. Move your neck as naturally as possible. This will help your muscles relax reducing your pain. 

Practice your best posture

You remember that posture your parents try to get you to use at the dinner table. When your head is over your shoulders your neck muscle don’t have to work hard; this will help relax those painful neck muscles. 

Try Ice for 10 minutes

Try laying down or sitting in a position that allows your neck to relax then apply ice. (a bag of frozen peas or corn work really well to wrap around your neck) 


I know was ice is not everyone’s favorite but just 10 minutes of icing your neck can dramatically improve how well your neck will move and feel. 

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