Are you tired of dreading your first steps in the morning? Are you starting to think nothing will ever stop the stabbing pain in your foot with each step? Eliminating foot pain from your life is just a few tips away. Take just a few minutes to listen to Dr. Molly’s 5 tips to Beat foot pain! 

Video recap:

5 Tips from Dr. Molly to beat your foot pain

1. Point your toes away from you then pulling your ankle back to point your toes towards your nose first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. This will help those first morning steps.

2. Roll your foot on top of frozen water bottle. This should be gentle try not to dig into bottom of your foot.

3.  Stretch your calf several time during the day

4. Wear comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes could be sneakers with good arch support or your favorite 1 inch heals. The point is to wear shoe that reduces the pain with each step.

5. Have a physical therapist complete a hands on evaluation, watch you walk, assess your foot while sitting and standing to help determine the root cause of your foot pain to get you back to your favorite activities.

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